Dextro Glove - Cut Resistance & Dexterity

Dextro Glove with cut resistance and dexterity

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Product:Dextro Glove - Cut Resistance & Dexterity
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These amazing gloves combine true dexterity with cut resistance. They are breathable and enable carrying out tasks that require the handling of small objects and tools with the protection of a cut resistant gloves - see customer review below.

DEXTRO Customer Review - Workshop Operative, MIELE GB: Please find below the review with regards to the Safety gloves I have been trialling for the last couple of months.

I have been using the DEXTRO Oxford Safety Supply gloves for the past 2 months. When I first tried the gloves on I was under the impresion that they would be too thin and would not withstand cuts from the sharp objects that I work with on a daily basis. However I was soon proven wrong. I was shown a demonstration involving a sharp knife in which the gloves withstood the pressure applied with no problems or injuries occuring. The fact the gloves are thinner compared to other gloves I have used meant that they allowed for great hand dexterity, this made for easier work when gripping tools and small objects like screws for example, The gloves were very comfortable, the material is breathable therefore making it so the gloves can easily be put on and taken off yet not tight on the wrist. Overall a great product and highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a comfortable glove with all the safety aspects of a thicker more industrial glove.

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